Ojos de Agua – quatro dias

Us gals woke up in the Pastor’s home to lots of sounds, Roosters crowing, and the smell of fire burning. The beginning of a day in the life of a Salvadoran. We freshened up as best we could to begin our day at 7:00am. Mercy and her daughters along with her mother and sister prepared these calzone type breakfast food. So so tasty, they are so sweet & kind. We walked through the town and wow… the beauty was breathtaking!

First stop was a small school on the mountainside. About 45 children ranging from 5-16 or so. Hayley shared her testimony and we sang and did the empty heart drama. We broke into small groups and shared the Gospel one on one. Our small group with Susan, Lucy (our awesome translator) and I were with a few 10 year old boys and some youth. 3 girls about 16 yrs old.

Next we dropped into the village beside the school and went door to door to share God’s good news. We hit about 8-10 houses, but our little group only met one woman and her children. She cautiously let us in and listened. Praise the Lord for her soul, as she claimed she wanted to follow Christ. We gave her the Gospel of John to read and we prayed for her that she begins to grow in her faith. We will continue to pray for that family.

We headed back to the church where Pastor Everr and Mercy fed us lunch. It was Amazing! This family Blessed us in so many ways. They will forever be etched in our hearts.

We headed back down the steep rocky road to meet up with Hannah & Jon who met us from the airport and then journeyed to our hotel. High up in the mountains once again, of Chalatenango. Thankful for a semi-warm shower… first warm shower this far into the trip. Boy was that helpful. A clean bed and lights out until tomorrow. 

God is faithful. We are standing firm, holding out His Word.


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