Tres dias

We began Sunday with breakfast at the camp before our journey into the mountains. After a delicious breakfast the Word of Life team prepared we packed and cleaned up, with a set time to leave of 11:00. At 10:00 we spent some time praying over the week ahead. After loading up a 4 vehicle entourage we headed towards San Salvador and Chalatenango. We stopped for lunch in San Salvador at McDonalds and then to walmart to buy gifts for the churches in the areas we plan to visit.

The road to the mountain town “Ojos de Agua” was hmmm what shall we say? No bueno! No good. No good at all! Curvy, rocky, and sometimes dangerous with the pavement caved in. Over an hour drive on this road was tough. But God got us through. We arrived in Ojos de Agua to a magnificent mountainside and outdoor service with our partner church. About halfway through the service there was a big outburst from either a crazy or drunk man. He was yelling in spanish… I want to know english… Goliath was the hero… and cursing. This was when we felt the beginning of the opposition. The power had gone out in the area about 10:00 that morning which was very rare and the reason for our outdoor service. Open air mic so the town heard the Gospel! The evil one cannot overcome God’s light! After the service, we walked back to the camp building on their dusty, rocky roads as the sun was setting. Personally, I was overwhelmed with discouragement and felt the opposition thick, almost like you could cut it with a knife. Praise God for my sweet husband and his encouragement while I felt overwhelmed and the tears flowed.

The pastor, Ebher and his wife Mercy were generous and invited us into their home for homemade papusa. We had candles everywhere and a big bon fire. It was a night to etch in our memories forever.

Sweet hands in the kitchen patting out Papusas and inviting us in to try the “pat”! Us ladies got to make some and some of the guys too! Their home& hospitality melts your heart.

Pastor Everr and his wife shared their powerful testimony in the light of the fire. We were literally lights in the black of night with our candles and flashlights. Powerful. They shared that they have great opposition in their town (can you tell?) and they needed prayer for wisdom and against the evil one. Our team circled around them and prayed over their home & family. Wow totally overwhelming. Can’t even describe in words on paper. 

We had planned to stay at the church camp facility but it was so dark we couldn’t get the women’s bunk area set up so the pastors wife hosted all of us women to sleep on her floor. 

The WOL team had brought these stackable mattresses. So thankful. We all slept on the floor but had something to break the hard floor. Not much rest because the animals and dogs barked and crowed and clucked and cropped and hopped and hollared. Never heard such a racket 😆. 

Praying we all get rest the remainder of the week, for protection for our tummies, and for the rest of the week ahead. Most of all: May many hearts be changed and turned to Christ in this country.

Interesting things we have seen or not seen: not one speed limit, armed guards at grocery stores, children on motorcycles with no helmets, children without car seats in vehicles, people piled in backs of trucks, horses and cows in the road, Walmart & McDonalds are universal. 


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