Woke up to the sounds of El Salvador. The morning was spent with the Word of Life team, & what an inspiration they are! Very talented and the food they have prepared for us is so delicious.

The team practiced our drama we will do when we visit the schools and talked through the Gospel and how to share using an evangicube. Also, we prepared to sing a song. “How great is our God” or Cuan Grande es Dios.
After lunch we had a short rest break and headed to two Bible clubs in San Salvador. No matter where you are we are all the same, love games, love snacks and love a good message!

The first club was at Iglesias Bautista (for short I think there may have been 5 words in the name). About 25 children & youth.

We broke into groups and shared our stories of how God has rescued us and how He has a story for each of their lives too!

The next place was Iglesias Ebron where we played games and got to know the students. Nate and Josh shared their testimonies with them as well. Praying God uses their stories to encourage them in their walk or to draw them to Himself. The students taught us the word “chivo!” Meaning Cool in Spanish and now we all saying Chavo every chance we get 😆

Below are a few photos:


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