Uno dia

We have arrived in El Salvador and Praise God with no problems. The Word of Life team is so welcoming and helpful getting us settled.

We all arrived early to ROA about 5:15 am. Smooth ticket and bag check and on time flight to Atl. 2 hour layover in Atlanta went quick and included breakfast. We took off a little late,  but made it in great time to El Salvador. About a 3 1/2 hr flight.

Customs was no problem, had one bag searched out of the whole team, pretty good I would say.

As we moved outside the airport there were tons of people standing around waiting in the streets. It was a little overwhelming and not what you’d expect. We were told those people were waiting on loved ones who had been deported from US. Very saddening.

We arrived to camp and had a snack and an hour to regroup before we headed to a Worship service. The Salvadorans worship on weeknights because on the weekends they sell their fish or goods in the markets. We were at Puerto de la Libertad, right along the pacific coastline. Traffic is a little crazy, people stand on the backs of  moving trucks. But it’s amazing to see another culture alive and in action.

We visited the church service where everything was in Spanish. Beautiful that Gods word transcends continents, languages, and cultures. Beautiful.

Today, we prepare for our week ahead and visit two Bible Clubs.

Please pray for open hearts and ears and boldness from our team despite the language barrier. 

Here are a few pictures

This is the Pastors home right beside the church building.

Some of the guys went swimming because it’s so warm here. They played catch with a coconut 😆


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