The ride

Have you ever been on one of those rides at a fair or amusement park that looks like a boat and swings you around and around?  You swing up to the top and for a minute it feels like you are free falling back down, with nothing to stop you.  Or have you rode to the top of a roller coaster, slowly chug-a-chug.  Then you reach the very top and it gives you the appearance there are no more tracks and you begin to slightly panic because well…. where’s the TRACK?  But then you careen down as fast as you can and sure enough the tracks were there.  And sure enough the arm that holds the boat together kept you from falling flat on your face.

This year has been a bit like riding on the rides I’ve just described.  We’re holding on tight, and its only March 1st!  The cool part?  God IS the track, and I don’t have to stress about whether we will careen out of control.  (Although, I fight this fear with all my might daily) He is teaching us, well, life is all about His tracks.  We just are along for the ride, and its our own personal coaster. Its a Personal. Exhilarating. Ride.  Full of ups and downs, full of highs and lows.  Full of learning.  Full of absolute joy. And sometimes full of fear.

Think about the face you have at the end of the ride, when you’ve made it to the end.  Maybe you are so mad and you say “I’ll never do that again” or maybe you scream in delight “AGAIN!”.  Or, perhaps you are just in relief that you made it! Well, I want to be the one who says. “AGAIN!”  I want to ride with my eyes closed and the wind in my hair with my only care, that of, pure joy.  This is where I feel like the Lord has me standing.  Over and over again, He keeps whispering “Stand Firm” throughout His Word.  Stand on His promises.  Obediently get on the ride, buckle up in HIS protective Gear, the gifts He gives.  And watch the track.  Its his to build, and mine to ride.

We are 40 or so hours from getting on a flight to El Salvador for our first international trip to step outside of our comfort zone and share the Gospel outside of our boundaries.  But the tracks?  They extend clear over to El Salvador.  They extend wherever He calls.  We are on the ride, obediently strapped in with His Gear (Ephesians 6:10-18) and we are careening downward.

Join us in prayer for the people we will encounter?  For boldness of mouth?  For protection?  For our families staying home?  For our children?  Praise God, for who He is… right along with us.  That He builds the track, we step on in obedience, He provides the gear, and He prepares the way.

Here are a few photos from our year. Its spring already!



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