Day – 10 depart & travel

The day we leave.  Oh boo hoo!  I have to squeeze this last part of the adventure on paper.  Every minute counts.

We all woke early, eager to see the ocean one last time.  To put our toes in the sand on Poipu/Brennecke’s Beach one last time.  Josh, myself and Nana headed down with our coffee and met a particularly large snail on the way.  If you know Josh and his big hands, the thing was about as big as his hand!

We greeted an empty beach, Brennecke’s… where the waves were crashing beautifully.  It was a perfect morning.  Clouds out at sea, none behind us. The beach ready for play.  Lots of folks out walking & running.  Was nice to start the day that way.

We walked back to the house and Josh and Nana gathered a bunch of kids to go ride waves one last time.  Jake was up and had his boogie board ready before you could say Humahumanukanukaapuha!  haha!

No one took pictures that morning, they just enjoyed the sand, salty air and salty water.

We packed quickly and were ready to depart about 9:40.  I was impressed with how well we all pulled together to get where we needed to go daily.  Well oiled machine.

We headed to old Koloa to souvenir shop & look around at their sweet little town.

We all got a token to remember this beautiful place by!
Next stop: gas @ Costco.  We decided we’d better eat before the airport so Costco pizza seemed convenient.  They had a nice seating area outside so we snagged a big table and devoured two pizza’s, hot dogs, and Jake had a turkey sandwich.

Checked into airport in no time flat, with our bags scanned for any native flowers or fruits.  Couldn’t bring my sliced apple or orange on the plane.  All must stay in Hawaii.  Ah, so hard to say goodbye.
American airlines disappointed us on the flight home, for a number of reasons.  But nevertheless, 5 hrs and 30min later we were at LAX again.  Having to give goodbye hugs in the middle of the crazy LAX traffic is not fun!  Half the family was waiting for a shuttle to get cars at the hotel we stayed at before we left & we found a shuttle to the Residence Inn Marriott where we crashed for the night.

Upon arriving at our hotel, we were informed: You’ve been upgraded!  Oh boy its our lucky night.  Can you say swanky?  No pics, because so beat.  But we had a beautiful 10th floor suite with multiple rooms.  But you could hear the planes all night.  Only downfall.  Meanwhile the family had to end up getting a taxi back to their cars because the shuttle never arrived.  Like I said, leaving is the hardest part.

We slept fast and were up for breakfast by 9.  We enjoyed their nice spread and caught a 9:30 shuttle back to the airport to repeat our travel.  Back to VA we go.

We arrived got checked in and found a spot to hang until time to depart.  Left without a hitch, until…… storms were pounding Atlanta airport.  Our plane circled around a few times and then decided to stop in Memphis for fuel. 2 hours of sitting on the runway and we were back in the air, 1 hour to destination.  Total 8 hours on one plane. Yeowsa!

Once we arrived in Atlanta we discovered the worst case scenario:  plane to ROA left without us. Never missed one before.  First time for everything.  I will admit, I was quite cranky and rude service got me upset.  But after debating: sleep on terminal floor or drive all night we decided to cut & run.

Got a rental car and hit the road by 1am.  Found an all night Chick fil A. Because we were starving! Ate and drove until 8am we arrived on our doorstep.  Welcome back to VA & Oh glorious beds!

We all crashed until 11:30, got up, went to the airport to return rental car, got luggage that came on the plane that morning from Atlanta.  Grabbed lunch and went home to try and recuperate.  Wow our kids are amazing travelers.  So grateful.  The Lord brought us home, maybe not the way we would’ve chosen, but safe & sound at last.

We have been reflecting on our trip over the last week, and can’t say more than enough how much fun we had and how grateful we are.





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